Drop Off and Loading Zone

Lodi Unified School District’s 7th Math Olympiad will be held at Tokay High School on Saturday, April 13th from 8-12:30. All of the students listed below have worked so hard over the past 6 months as they have all demonstrated great dedication and mathematical skills.  
Congratulations to all 24 students who participated in Silva’s afterschool Math Olympiad meetings and site competition. Unfortunately, we are able to take only two teams. All 24 students will be invited to a celebration towards the end of the year.
Tournament Teams:
Silva Purple:  Ben Bandegan, Christian Mitchell, Gabriella Orsi, Jaiden Singh, Alana Yoeuth
Silva Silver: Riley Baquiran, Joshua Guintu, Langdon Horace, Ethan Lin, Kali’a Rivera
Alternates: Lawrence Asia, Jacquelyn Pham 
Thank you Mrs. Wallis for teaching, preparing, and leading our awesome Math Olympiad teams!!