Drop Off and Loading Zone

      We’ve had several cars parked and left unattended in the morning on a daily basis which limits space for hundreds of cars stopping in the front and side loop of the school to drop off their child. Please find parking, which are much available in the mornings, if you need to come inside the school. “As required under California Vehicle Code Section 21458, a curb painted white shall indicate stopping for either the loading or unloading of passengers only.” In addition, please do not use the bus loop to drop off or pickup children. It is a red zone designated for school buses only.
Also, the Stockton Police Department asked me to remind each of you to be mindful of traffic laws, especially during drop off and pick up at schools.  Remember that traffic in both directions must stop when a school bus is loading or unloading.  Double Parking and U-turns across double yellow lines is not only illegal but can be dangerous.  Please observe all painted curbs at posted signs at your school and follow the crossing guard’s directions. Throughout this school year, the Stockton PD will make visits to Silva and issue citations and tickets for those who violate these laws. Thank you for your cooperation in making our school a safe place. The Stockton Police Department wishes you all a happy and safe school year!