Band & Strings are Back

We are excited to offer band and strings programs at Silva this year! Mrs. Evans will teach 5th and 6th grade band classes during the school day at Silva. Classes will be taught twice a week for 40 minutes. Mrs. Evans will give registration forms to all interested students in 5th grade the first week of school. The 6th grade program is starting their second year of instruction and will be offered to continuing band students who have played in band in 5th grade. Registration for band closes Aug. 3rd.

      Ms. Erin Wells, who also teaches strings at McAuliffe Middle and Bear Creek High School, is returning to Silva staff to teach strings to Silva’s 5th and 6th grade students during the school day. She will visit and speak to every 5th and 6th grade class this week to share information about the requirements to join the strings program. Both strings classes will be taught twice a week for 40 minutes. Thank you all for your support!

School Picnic

The annual Back to School picnic will be held on Friday, August 17th, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m

This is a great school-wide event where staff, Silva Sharks and their families can gather to enjoy a social gathering with food..  Feel free to bring a picnic dinner, blankets and lawn chairs for your family. If you wish to buy food for your family at the picnic,we’ll have food tucks on the playground.